Getting Started

Published on
May 17, 2023
Published by
G2C Team

The G2C Suite is a development kit that enables developers to access the blockchain using a series of small building blocks that combined are able to construct whatever one can imagine. This Suite provides developers with an easy to use abstraction layer to save them the complication of dealing with low level bitcoin code. Imagine a web application with an integrated wallet that doesn't depend on external plugins to work: this is what the G2C Suite enables. And not only for web environments, but also for robots, IoT devices, games, server to server communications or any other system, legacy or new. The possibilities are unbounded.

G2C Suite has been engineered with two key values in mind: reusability and security. This is why the G2C Suite is split into two different pieces: the client end module and the server end module. By applying this separation we can define functions from the G2C Suite that can only be called from the client side, while others depend on the server side. This way, all functions in charge of generating critical security data on behalf of the user are computed only on the client's side, so confidential data never leaves the client and therefore doesn't flow through the network. You can be sure that you and only you own your confidential data.

Let's see how to install and configure the development kit at both ends:


The installation and configuration requires the installation of the following dependencies:

  npm install bsv
  npm install secrets.js-grempe
  npm install crypto-js
  npm install node-fetch
  npm install lz-string

Installation and configuration on the client side

On one hand, on the client side, the G2C Suite can be called from your code base as follows:

<script type="text/javascript" src="path_to_lib/g2clib.min.js"></script>

Installation and configuration on the server side

On the other hand, on the server side,

const g2clib = require('the_lib_path/g2clib-node.min.js');