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Building the future of the internet

The G2C Development Suite allows you to connect new or existing apps, websites, games, or any other system to the BSV Blockchain.

Images of the Gate2Chain interface: the wiki and the control panel

Development suite features

Wallet Infrastructure

Complete white-label non-custodial wallets in your apps and platforms. Including Hierarchical Deterministic Keys (HD Wallets) for enhanced privacy, UTXO management, digital signatures, data encryption and access permission management.

Direct & Conditional Payments

Once users have wallets, they can use peer-to-peer direct and conditional payment functions. Transaction fees are a fraction of a USD penny. Instant confirmation. Easy creation of configurable escrow accounts with programmable payments like never before.

Payment Channels

Opening payment channels between users, allows you to build apps with totally new features such as pay per minute services, real-time auctions, etc… Your imagination is the limit.

Metanet Objects

Use Metanet Trees and organize your information in a structured way on the Blockchain. Configure your folders, add files and give permission to issue, read or transfer photos, certificates, receipts, or any other file.

Digital Assets & NFTs

The G2C Wallet infrastructure and STAS token protocol allow you to legally issue and manage unique digital assets on the Blockchain. NFTs, security tokens, redeemable products and services, EDI, proof of authenticity... The tokenization of everything is just beginning.

Benefits of the original
Bitcoin protocol

High scalability

The BSV mainnet reaches more than 10.000 tx/s and the BSV Teranode testnet has already successfully surpassed 50.000 tx/s. The Block size is now 2GB and increasing.

Transaction fees are a fraction of USD penny

With Bitcoin you can send as little as $0.001 or however much you want, for a fraction of a penny, any where, any time and instantly.

Privacy by default

Users own their content and their money, while maintaining privacy, without compromising traceability or accountability.

Instant transactions

Bitcoin is a hyper connected type of network where transactions are propagated instantly and accepted in seconds.


Bitcoin natively tracks every transaction, compliantly, on-chain. It is designed with existing regulatory framework in mind.

Proof of work and data on chain

Bitcoin scales natively on chain and it can be used as stable, decentralised data storage.

MINTA: an example powered by G2C

Minta is a new kind of social commerce platform where users own their digital assets and information, and can trade peer-to-peer.

Learn more about Minta
Minta's home page in desktop and Minta's Wallet on a Smartphone