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May 17, 2023
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Power to gamers, new opportunities for game developers.

When gamers can own and control their digital items with wallets, everything can change:

  1. Virtual Assets in games
  2. Instant payouts in leaderboards
  3. P2P Marketplaces
  4. On chain data storage to avoid fraud

Economic incentives in games will empower new professionals

Imagine having fun playing games but at the same time being able to generate real money. Revenue streams and business models can improve thanks to this technology in a myriad of ways, generating value for gamers and game developers.

Connect your game to blockchain using the G2C Suite

First of all self-custodial wallets can be provided to users. Then, users' account are linked to wallets.

When users have wallets and accounts, they can own digital assets and trade them. In the app layer game developers can configure:

  • Game business logic
  • Commission fees distribution
  • Virtual assets as NFTs
  • On chain chain data structure
  • P2P Marketplaces & Leaderboads

By combining direct & conditional payments, payment channels, Metanet data and real on chain NFTs with legally verified identities and digital contracts a whole new world of possibilities opens up for gamers and game developers. This is the beginning of a new paradigm for the gaming industry.

“Play is the answer to the question: how does anything new come about?”
Jean Piaget

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