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May 17, 2023
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Peer to peer value is once again changing the whole music industry

When artists are able to interact and trade peer-to-peer with their followers everything changes.

Content distribution

Now we can stream money as we stream data. Imagine being able to charge users a price per second for an audio or a video, earning money from the very first user. Money flows from the user's wallet to the artist's wallet. By using G2C CommissionList function, the app layer can distribute money from every payment as required along the value chain.

Concert ticket management

On chain NFTs allow us to issue concert tickets or access tokens in a whole new way. Now payments and content flow on the same communication protocol, increasing efficiency by allowing money access or use to be programed as desired. New revenue streams can also be developed with creative thinking and unnecessary middlemen removed.

Fan engagement

Artists will have a powerful incentive to connect with fans using innovative ways, generating new experiences. Imagine having a paid videocall with your favorite artist, or having your favorite DJ in real-time playing music for you wherever you are in the world. The possibilities are unbounded.

Music supply chain

New technologies brings artists closer to their followers. When wallets are connected revenue is just one clic away. The music industry is adapting to this new reality, rethinking value generation and incentives along the entire supply chain.

“Music is life itself”
Louis Armstrong

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