May 10, 2024
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Data vs Evidence

In today’s digital age, data is ubiquitous, flowing incessantly through our business operations and daily lives. However, the reliability of this data is frequently questioned due to concerns over its integrity. This is where the distinction between 'data'; and 'evidence' becomes crucial, and blockchain technology emerges as a transformative solution.

Data vs Evidence
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Data vs. Evidence: Understanding the Distinction

Data refers to raw facts and figures that are collected during various activities. It is dynamic and susceptible to alteration, manipulation, or deletion, either accidentally or maliciously. In contrast, evidence comprises data that has been securely preserved to ensure its authenticity and immutability. Evidence is characterized by its resistance to changes and deletions, reinforced by timestamping and digital signatures.

The need to elevate data from a mutable raw state to robust, tamper-evident evidence has become a business imperative, especially in environments where authenticity and auditability are crucial.

Blockchain: Securing Data Integrity

Blockchain technology offers an elegant solution to the problem of data integrity. By leveraging blockchain, businesses can transform vulnerable data into secured evidence. This technology ensures that once data is recorded on a blockchain, it cannot be altered or deleted, thanks to immutable ledger characteristics, cryptographic hash functions, consensus algorithms, and rules.

Integration and Accessibility

Implementing blockchain for data security does not have to be a daunting task. Our technology provides a blockchain layer that can seamlessly integrate with existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and applications via APIs. This integration capability allows businesses to continue using their current systems while enhancing them with blockchain’s security features.

Moreover, the cost-effectiveness of our solution makes it accessible to a wide range of businesses. For just €490 per month, a company can register up to hundreds of thousands of evidences, making this technology an affordable option for enhancing data integrity at scale.

Example: Suppliers Management

A particularly potent application of our blockchain technology is in managing interactions with suppliers. Every event, such as deliveries and returns, can be recorded as tamper-proof evidence on the blockchain. This capability provides businesses with a clear and indisputable record in the event of disputes, thereby creating a transparent and accountable supplier scoreboard.

This recorded evidence not only helps resolve conflicts but also drives quality and reliability up the supply chain. Knowing that all interactions are recorded as immutable evidence encourages suppliers to maintain honesty and accountability in their dealings.


The transformation of data into evidence through blockchain technology represents a significant leap forward in securing business operations. It protects against data tampering, enhances transparency, and builds trust across all levels of operation.

Whether it’s managing supplier relationships or securing financial transactions, blockchain technology provides a foundation of trust and integrity, crucial for the digital age.

If your business seeks to add a layer of security and accountability to its operations, embracing blockchain as a solution to transform data into evidence is a strategic move worth considering. Let us help you integrate this technology seamlessly into your systems and ensure that your data remains an asset, not a liability.

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