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Jun 9, 2022
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G2C Team
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Networks where users control their digital assets and content.

Self-custodial wallets allow users to own and manage their information and digital assets.

  • Allow real peer-to-peer direct and conditional payments among your users
  • Use CommissionList G2C Function to distribute fees in the app layer as required
  • Program money and value and add money to a message
  • Give users their own wallets and allow them to create their tokens and trade value in p2p marketplaces

Minta is an example of a social commerce network powered by G2C

Minta is a new generation of social commerce platform where users control their digital assets, manage their ownership and are able to trade in a peer-to-peer manner.

How Minta uses G2C Suite?

Creating a new account in Minta, sets up a self-custodial wallet. The system provides users with a 12 words Master-key that allows them to control and manage their digital assets, permissions and content.

  • Direct payments are used in Minta for payments between users at $0,0004 transaction fee with instant confirmation.
  • Conditional payments are used in Connections: money can be added to connection requests, when receivers accepts the connection, they receive the money. As for Messages, users can add money to a message, and recipients must accept it to access the content and to receive the payment. If a message is not accepted the money is returned.
  • Metanet Objects are used in Messages, to encrypt and to send content on chain. Users can have conversations stored encrypted on Metanet trees while controlling the access.
  • NFTs & Digital Assets are used in Markets, users can issue NFTs with on chain content using verified identities. In the Marketplace they can auction or sell their products and services. These functions are used to transform content into real digital property.
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